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Real cocoa butter is used to make chocolate.

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When the recipient opens the opulent box of chocolates you are giving them, they will be overjoyed. Create your own custom-made wonderful holiday box for your friends and family with a unique chocolate experience offering right now!

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About Our Creations

The rochers' flavorful, bouncy, handmade distinction has always stood out as one of our most delectable attributes. A simple and completely retrograde combination of carefully chosen dried fruits, is meant to be eaten either alone or with others.


What Our Customers Say

Santino Troy


These chocolates are entirely handcrafted and were produced with such utmost purity. Authentic to its name. These chocolates have been a favorite of mine for over a year. Still, the taste and hygiene are the same, and they continue to get better every day. 

Benjamin Parker

New York

I love chocolate. I always order from this place, and the shipping is quick. Various chocolate flavors at affordable costs. Excellent in both quality and quantity. Outstanding packaging. Worth purchasing. Very great service. The best overall experience.

Jeffrey Catherine 


The flavor is amazing and quite unusual. It has never occurred to me as a tasty complement to a chocolate bar. There are other chocolates made with nuts, sesame, orange peel, etc. I ordered some and all were awesome. Happy customer.

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